Almond Oil for Acne

Almond Oil For AcneAlmond oil is one of the most effective and affordable chemicals used in the treatment of acne. It is a non-greasy oil which contains fatty acids that help break down the fatty substance known to cause acne. It is known widely also as an effective skin lubricant and moisturizer. There are two types of almond oil-the sweet and bitter almond oil, but only the sweet almond is used in cosmetics and the treatment of acne. The use of almond oil for skin care dates back to the 16th century and this clearly shows that it has gained the trust of the people as an effective means to combat stubborn acne and also to beautify the skin. Almond oil not only eliminates acne, but also prevents it from forming. For a more detailed discussion about the almond oil, check out the home page.

How Almond Oil Prevents and Eliminates Acne

Basically, some people who battle with acne secrete too much of sebum – a fatty substance, from their sebaceous glands which causes the pores on their faces to get clogged or blocked, resulting in a mild infection. These mild infections are essentially the building blocks of acne. And because almond oil contains fatty acids which dissolve the oily blockages responsible for the clogging of the pores, it is effective for cleaning the pores and repairing damage to the skin. Almond oil helps prevent acne by acting as a skin moisturizer, making the skin healthier and less prone to acne.

How to Use

There are several ways one can apply almond oil to the face as a treatment for acne. To be effective, one has to ensure that the skin properly absorbs the oil so that it can break down the fatty substance in the skin pores which cause clogging.

Before using almond oil, wash your hands and face thoroughly to avoid dirt and bacteria which may hamper the effectiveness of the treatment. Then apply a few drops of the oil on your palm, and using deep circular strokes, rob it on your face until you are sure a substantial amount of it has gotten into the pores. For best results, do this in the evenings, shortly before going to bed.

Another effective way to use almond oil is to apply it in the same manner above but without washing the face. Rubbing it onto the face should clean up dirt and other substances. After this, you can wash off the oil and towel-dry your face, and then reapply the almond oil to treat the acne.

Side Effects

Almond Oil With NutsThe most prominent side effect that comes with using almond oil to treat acne is allergy to the substance. It is an established fact that many people are allergic to nuts but most of them are not aware of it because the symptoms are usually mild stomach ache or rash. However, sweet almond oil will suffice as the least harmful type of almond oil, which is good news for people who use it to treat acne. In any case, those who are allergic to nuts are advised to avoid it or start by using very small amounts. It is also recommended to test a small portion of the skin in order to avoid irritation, for those with very sensitive skin.