Reduce Dark Circles

AlmoAlmond Oil For Dark Circlesnd oil is is highly recommended for the treatment and prevention of different skin problems such as discolorations, acne and dark circles around the eyes which create a sunken look to the eyes. Being a natural emollient, it is used to moisturize and rejuvenate dry and ageing skin. Almond oil has been proven to help eliminate dark circles around the eyes which are most commonly caused by ageing, stress, exposure to sun and vitamin deficiency. These dark circles make one certainly look quite older than their age, but this is not a permanent condition as applying almond oil on the affected areas are most times all you need to do to provide your skin with nourishment and get rid of the sunken look on your eyes. Almond oil is good for people with sensitive skin but is not recommended for those who are allergic to nuts.

How it Works

Dark circles around the eyes are caused among other factors, by stress, fatigue, ageing, vitamin deficiency, or exposure to sun. Basically, the areas around the eyes are dry and dehydrated, causing the areas around the eyes to appear dark and sunken. What almond oil does is to provide the much-needed moisture and nourishment to the darkened areas around the eyes. Almond oil contains fatty acids which help to rejuvenate dehydrated portions of the skin. Being rich in vitamins E and K, it is effective in eliminating dark blemishes around the eyes making them look young and healthy.

How to Use

Almond oil can be a very effective remedy for dark circles around the eyes if applied correctly and consistently. To apply, first wash your face with warm water and towel dry to get rid of any specs of dirt. Then apply some almond oil on the areas around the eyes and massage it into the skin. Massaging the oil into the skin will help achieve two things; it ensures the oil gets absorbed into the skin and also helps in improving blood circulation around the eyes which reduces wrinkles and fine lines. After massaging, leave on your face overnight and wash off in the morning. For best results, repeat this every night for weeks making sure you wash your face each time before applying it.

Almond oil can also be used with other natural remedies such as natural honey or milk powder to eliminate dark circles around the eyes. Add equal amounts of sweet almond oil and natural honey and mix together to form a paste. Apply this paste with a gentle massage on the affected areas and leave on the skin overnight to act. Wash off the oil in the morning to reveal a supple and rejuvenated skin. You can use the natural milk powder in the same manner as the natural honey, but when using the latter remedy, wash off after 10 minutes and try to avoid getting it into your eyes.