How to Use Almond Oil for Hair Growth

Almond Oil For Hair GrowthMany factors negatively affect hair growth, such as ethnicity, age, gender, genetics and family history. These factors are things people cannot change, but they can work to promote healthier hair to encourage more growth. Using almond oil for hair growth is a popular remedy with a deep history. This oil contains many essential nutrients, especially magnesium, which makes it ideal for hydrating, protecting and improving the health of hair.

Almond Oil Promotes Stronger Hair

Breakage is a common reason that hair does not grow quickly so improving the strength of hair is an important step in getting longer hair. This oil is often combined with jojoba oil for its nutrients and with egg whites for additional protein. This mixture works to prevent hair from falling out and it makes existing strands stronger and more resilient to breakage. Almond oil’s protein content is especially important for hair growth and strength because hair is mostly made up of proteins. This ensures a natural and regular growth pattern to help hair become thicker and longer.

Other nutrients in this oil that work to promote hair growth include vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin A, copper and vitamin D. The magnesium in almond oil helps to prevent hair fall because when you are not getting enough magnesium, there is a risk for hair loss.

Using Almond Oil On Hair

This oil should be applied directly to the hair and massaged all the way up each strand and into the scalp. Ideally, you will apply almond oil twice a week, with about two days in between each treatment. You can use this as a hot oil treatment, or apply the oil to the hair and then wrap the hair in a damp, warm towel. The heat and dampness improve the absorption of the almond oil. Allow this to sit for about an hour before rinsing with a gentle shampoo and conditioning the hair.

Other Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

All around healthy hair is the goal when you want to grow your hair. This oil works in many ways to improve your hair from the scalp to the tips of each strand due to the diverse mixture of nutrients. These benefits include:

  • Softening the hair and making it easier to damage
  • Treating dandruff
  • Improving hair follicle health by reducing scalp inflammation
  • Moisturizing the hair to prevent future breakage (this is highly due to the essential fatty acid content)
  • Natural alternative to chemical leave-in conditioners
  • Adds shine and alleviates dullness

When you are using almond oil for hair growth, make sure to do other things that will protect the hair and encourage better hair health. This includes things like using a gentle shampoo, minimizing heat styling and minimizing breakage by using a gentle brush and not pulling hair too tightly into hair bands and barrettes. You should use this oil regularly and follow a healthy diet so that your hair has everything it needs to grow long and strong.