Using Almond Oil to Diminish Stretch Marks

Stretch MarksStretch marks are a type of skin imperfection that look like stripes or streaks on the skin. They range from a whitish color to a deep red or purple which can be unsightly, so those that have them want to get rid of them quickly. These marks result from the skin stretching rapidly, such as with pregnancy or rapid weight gain. Many people, especially women, also develop them during puberty when they hit a rapid growth spurt. There are many natural remedies that may be helpful in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, including almond oil. Almond oil for stretch marks involves regular topical application to diminish their appearance.

How Almond Oil Benefits Stretch Marks

Almond oil contains healthy doses of B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin A, all of which are important for healthy, pliable skin. You want to help promote skin elasticity and improve skin hydration to work to get rid of stretch marks. The vitamin E in almond oil works to promote collagen production which helps skin to maintain elasticity and the hydration factor keeps skin plump and resistant to stretching. Vitamin A can help to diminish the dark color and to maintain strength and overall health, the skin uses B vitamins. This oil appears to work best for stretch marks when it is used on hydrated skin so apply it after taking a shower or a bath.

Using Almond Oil for Stretch Marks

Almond oil should be used every day to work to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Apply almond oil directly to the stretch marks and gently massage the area with the oil for about two minutes. Allow the oil to dry before getting dressed and do not wipe it away because you want it to stay on the skin so the skin can absorb the nutrients from the oil. Apply almond oil to stretch marks about twice per day and make sure to massage it in slowly after every application. How long it takes to get results ultimately depends on the person and the severity of the stretch marks. For example, severely dark stretch marks usually take longer to fade compared to lighter-colored stretch marks.

Other Skin Benefits of Almond Oil

In addition to improving the appearance of stretch marks, almond oil benefits skin in many other ways. Below is a list stating their benefits:

  • It provides deep and intense moisture
  • It helps to alleviate irritated and dry skin
  • It helps to relieve rashes and their associated discomforts
  • It improves the complexion
  • It helps to soothe skin inflammation
  • It makes skin smoother and softer by nourishing it

Healthy skin is more resistant to issues like stretch marks so it is important to take care of your skin.

When you are using almond oil for stretch marks, it is important to use it properly for the best results. This oil will not prevent the recurrence of stretch marks, but it is helpful for reducing such risks and ensuring that skin is healthier and more resistant to such issues in the future.