Sweet Or Bitter Almond Oil?

Almond NutsAlmond oil is one of the most useful oils ever known in the beauty and skin care industry. It is sought after by many people who want to make their skin look healthy and radiant. Almond oil is natural and is used in many beauty care products.

However, it should be noted that there are two types of almond oil – the sweet almond and bitter almond oil. They are divorced from each other and have different uses. This article will attempt to draw a line between these two popular oils and put an end to the confusion which has come to be associated with the two different but related products.

Properties and Functions

Sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil are gotten from plant materials of two different trees, one with white flowers (sweet almond) and the other with pink flowers (bitter almond). Sweet almond oil is basically a fixed oil while bitter almond oil is an essential oil. The former is the carrier oil which is used directly on the skin as a base, but the latter is typically used for scents and flavouring properties. Essential oils are the essence of the plant material from which they are extracted but are not what you would call “oils” because they are very light and can evaporate. However, fixed oils are base oils and cannot evaporate. Therefore sweet almond oil is that which is used for moisturizing the skin and for its cosmetic properties, whereas bitter almond oil is an essential oil used for scents and flavours.


Sweet almond oil is used to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate dry ageing skin. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins which provide nourishment and youthful glow to the skin. It is easily absorbed and rich in fatty acids making it ideal for massaging and soothing the skin. Sweet almond oil is very useful as facial treatments and also as lubricants. Being rich in vitamin E, it is very effective as a treatment for dry hair as well as to promote hair growth when mixed with castor oil or sandalwood. Sweet almond oil is widely used by cosmetic companies as an important ingredient in their beauty care products. It is in fact one of the most useful skin care products used today.

Bitter almond oil on the other hand is an essential oil and is not used as a moisturizer or in any direct way on the skin. Rather, it is loved for its great scent and almond flavour. It is used on soaps, creams and lotions because of its pleasant flavouring. It is also used in adding aroma to some foods.


In a nutshell, sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil are two different oils gotten from different almond trees. They differ both in their properties and uses. While sweet almond is renowned for its skin beautifying properties, bitter almond is loved for its scent and is used on many cosmetic products for its fragrance. Sweet almond oil is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and used widely for its skin rejuvenating properties and as a facial treatment. It is also good for the hair as it contains a high amount of vitamin E.